Friday, April 10, 2009

Natural, Safe, Metabolic Boosters

I am often asked by clients how to boost their metabolism. I DO NOT reccomend any of the fat burners you can buy. Why? Because they are either filled with caffeine or "herbs" that are biologically similar to Ephedra and have many negative side effects ranging from irritability and endocrine stress to heart damage and even stroke.

But there are several natural, safe ways you can keep your metabolism running at its fullest potential.


Strength training not just cardio
· Burns calories during performance and creates an afterburn (the period of time your basal metabolism remains stoked by the weight session) that can last for 48 hours.
· Plus, weight training builds muscle, which increases your basal metabolism permanently (by 50 calories per day for each pound of muscle you gain).
· It stimulates your body to produce more Human Growth Hormone (HGH), which helps increase muscle mass and burn fat.

Two-a-day workouts
· Two periods of afterburn
· Watch hunger and be careful not to overeat as your appetite will likely be higher.

Interval Training
Keeps body guessing, burns fat efficiently

· Protein generally takes longer to digest, meaning you are burning more calories while your body is breaking it down.
· Try to eat some protein at every meal (it doesn't have to be a steak or chicken breast; it could be something like peanut butter on toast for breakfast) and at snack time (cottage cheese instead of pretzels), and you will crank up your thermic metabolism by as much as one-third during the day.

· Studies have shown that calcium boosts basal metabolism, and it can aid in fat-burning by making your body prefer fat as fuel.
· Calcium in foods is preferable to calcium from supplements, but there is no added benefit from getting more than the recommended daily allowance.
· The RDA for calcium is 1,200 milligrams a day, or four 1-cup servings of milk.

· Just like protein, high-fiber foods increase the thermic effect because they take longer to digest, which means you burn more calories in the process.
· Healthy, high-fiber foods to eat throughout the day include beans, fresh fruits and vegetables, and whole-grain breads.

Green Tea
· Unlike black tea (the tea-bag kind) and other teas, green tea contains a phytochemical called ECGC that researchers say can boost your basal metabolism. (Note: The action of ECGC seems to work best when it's in brewed green tea, not in pill form.)
· Green tea also contains less caffeine than coffee, so you're less likely to get jittery.

Eating Every 3-4 hours
Keeps blood sugar even and insulin spikes down.

Regulates hormones and aids in repair of tissues.

Water Water Water
Dehydration can slow down your thermic metabolism (your stomach needs water to digest food) and also cause fatigue, which will definitely hamper your activity metabolism.

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